An ISO9001 Certified Company
About Us

Ningbo Briscent is an experienced supplier of specialty chemicals, features main lines in Dyestuffs, Pigments, Intermediates and Chemical Specialties, with applications covering the fields of textile, leather, ink, paper, plastic, paint, rubber, food, cosmetics, daily chemicals, etc.Ningbo Briscent got ISO 9001:2008 Certificate on 02 April, 2010.

Ningbo Briscent is located in Ningbo, which city is famous for foreign trade in China, it is 200 KM in south away from Shanghai.

Ningbo Briscent is operated by a group of highly-motivated members with professional knowledge and expertise in fine chemicals, with the long-standing commitment to the Prime Quality & Superior Services. We are able to provide our customers with on-time deliveries, guarantee in qualities, consistencies and safeties. We have comprehensive businesses in more than 30 countries all over the world with a promising prospective and have earned excellent reputations from our customers

We engaged ourselves in continuous innovations within the area of qualities, services as well as new products to continuously meet the rapid changing market requirements and intense competitions. With our great sincerity and endeavors, you will find significant opportunities in our cooperation in a friendly, efficient and reciprocal manner.